Is It Fair To Leave Your Pet During Euthanasia?

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The difficult time of euthanizing your beloved pet has arrived, but you are in a conflicted mind about whether to stay or go away? Don’t worry, you are not the only one dealing with this conflict. Not everyone dares to see their pet leaving them permanently and that too when the euthanasia decision has been made by you.

Though it can be exceedingly painful even to think of your beloved pet’s death, you need to encourage yourself to think beforehand as much as possible and chalk out a plan:

  • How would you want things to go?
  • Whether you plan to remain with your pet during its final moments?

This is the reason why many pet owners prefer the agonizing process of euthanasia to be carried out in their homes.

At-home Euthanasia process

When you are looking for at home pet euthanasia NYC, Zen Dog Veterinary PLLC can be your pet’s health advocate and holistic veterinarian. They carry out the euthanasia process at your home, which relieves you from going cold feet while waiting for your pet’s turn and even your pet doesn’t have to go through a stressful environment.

You can spend the last moments with your pet in the comfort of your home. They also begin planning for your pet’s aftercare once your decision to euthanize your pet is confirmed. This minimizes paperwork on the crucial day of appointment when you are already under the stress of losing your pet.

They provide you with the option of both communal and private cremation. If you chose a private cremation, the ashes of your pet will be handed over to you, or else in case of a communal cremation, the ashes will be placed in the Final Gift’s Angel View Pet Cemetery.

Call them to speak directly and then make an appointment as they do not provide emergency euthanasia at home.

People react differently during pet euthanasia

  • People sometimes drop their pet at the vet’s clinic, give a farewell kiss, say goodbye, pay the bill, and do not look back.
  • Others remain with their pet through the sedation process and step out for some time during the final injection.
  • They come back after the pet’s heartbeat stops and to attend to the body.
  • While some remain with their pet throughout the process till it takes the last breath and passes off peacefully.

Although it is wrong to assume that people who leave their pets during the euthanasia process do not care rather, they feel so agonized with the process and consider it best to stay away. The best option is certainly to stay back during the last moments of your pet euthanasia at home Westchester NY

Why you might stay back?

  • For most owners, watching their pet passing off peacefully offers a level of comfort.
  • Your pet feels the most relieved to find you around in times of distress.
  • You might regret later thinking you have let your pet down by not being able to make yourself stay during its last moments.

Your pet has been the best companion and you can show them your loyalty by supporting them in their final moments and provide comfort in whatever way you can.

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