Different Types of Horse Jump Walls

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When choosing a horse jump, there are many options available. Several types of walls are available, including open water, cobblestone fences, and brush with rails. You can find a wall that fits your specific needs and your budget. 

Log Fences

Log fences are often used as horse jump walls because they are sturdy and look nice. They can also serve as a barrier to a horse’s safety. They can be narrow or wide and placed at the edge of a downward slope. Log fences are often built with an elevated log at the base so the horse can see what lies below.

Stone Wall Fences

A stone wall fence is a type of horse jump fence, though it is not always constructed of stone. Instead, it is a solid fence but often has logs or other materials piled on top to change its appearance. This can make it hard to gauge the height of the fence. Another type of fence is the sunken road, which consists of banks and rails. It can range from a simple rail jump with a down bank to a more complicated combination.

Open Water Fences

Open water fences are another type of horse jump. These are not wide enough to support a horse, so the rider must ensure he lines up the horse precisely. However, open water jumps are not always the easiest obstacles to master. Water fences can be intimidating for both horses and riders. This type of fence requires a lot of training to make a horse jump over them.

Brush With Rails

Brush with rails is a different type of horse jump wall than a normal one. A brush is like a triple bar but has a big bush in front of and behind the rails. This type of horse jump wall is more forgiving to the horse if he drags a leg.

Hog’s Back Jump

The bog’s back jump is a triple bar jump that requires a horse with sufficient width and height. It is also a popular event in competitive events. It is usually seen in the upper levels of competition but may also be seen at lower levels. This jump consists of an unpainted pole on the top and rustic uprights in between.

Horse Jump Wall

Corner Fences

Corner fences are a type of horse jump. They are triangular and can vary in angle depending on the level of competition. For example, the most difficult corner jumps can have an angle of 90 degrees.

Sunken Road Fences

A sunken road combines rails and banks that test a horse’s power, balance, and agility. The concept can be introduced to your horse at the Novice or Training levels. Then, as you progress to more advanced levels, you can introduce larger parts of the sunken road.

Vertical Fences

When it comes to jumping walls, you’ll find many different types. The classic fences and the more complicated ones can be a little more difficult. The fences are usually six feet high, with several feet of brush sticking out of the top. They are an excellent way to test a horse’s trust and ability. Just be patient with your horse and guide them through the jump calmly and deliberately. 

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