Numerous companies are making laptops and thus finding an ideal laptop is a traumatic task. Everyone who is spending money on a laptop will expect the best quality. Reliability is the first thing which everyone will look for in a laptop. Every company claims their laptops to be the best one.

Actually this question could be answered only after using a laptop. SquareTrade, the laptop warranty has released the list of

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the most reliable laptops after doing a through survey of around 30,000 laptops.

The report by SquareTrade suggests that almost 1 in 3 laptops fail and a buyer who is completely unknown by the technicalities of a laptop may buy a laptop which may fail in just three years. Around 20% of the failures are categorized under the hardware failure.

This report proves that even a layman who has no knowledge about the hardware is buying a laptop with 80% chances of reliability. A buyer having some or good knowledge about the hardware can lessen the chances of hardware failure by selecting the best brand.

As far as the reliability of a laptop is concerned four companies are on top with Apple at the leading position followed by Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Asus.


Apple is considered as the best company when it is about the gadgets at the same time it is the priciest brand as well. Laptops from Apple are known for its brilliant features and highly developed technology apart from the durability and powerful processors. Most of the Apple laptops are slim with exquisite designs and some of its top line laptops are Apple

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Mac Book Pro laptops and Apple Mac Book Air. In every survey conducted for the laptop reliability Apple scored lower than average scores of malfunction.



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it is about the laptop and its reliability, Toshiba comes after Apple. This brand is the most trustworthy one among the laptop users. Toshiba is well known for its applications and powerful processors. You can be confident with the quality and performance when you are buying a Toshiba Laptops. Some most popular Toshiba laptops include Toshiba Tecra M10, Toshiba Portege R400 and Toshiba Satellite M200/M205. Apart from the reliability, performance and applications Toshiba laptops are also known for its gaming experience.


Sony Corp is nowadays producing the best quality laptops and the most popular one are the Sony VAIO laptops. Sony Laptops are outfitted with the advanced technology and are also considered as one of the most reliable laptop series available in the market. The customers are more than satisfied with the Son Laptops and thus the sales of the company is raising high with time. Apart from being very reliable, the Sony VAIO laptops are youth’s favorites because of its stylish exteriors. Some most popular Sony VAIO laptops are Sony VAIO E, Sony VAIO V610, and Sony VAIO BZ.

Samsung- Samsung is next in the list of reliable laptops. Samsung has always been a leader in innovating latest and advanced technology products. On the reliability ratings, Samsung laptops share the top second position with Toshiba laptops. Samsung laptops are also quite cheaper as compared to other top quality laptops. Apart from being reliable Samsung laptops are very stylish and provided to the excellent value for your money.


Asus laptops are though not very popular ones but have scored high ratings as far as the reliability is concerned. The sales of Asus laptop is increasing day by day as people are coming to know about its excellent features, powerful processors and above all, the reliability. However, Asus laptops were not that reliable at their inception but the company has improved a lot with time. The hardware failure is reported very low in the Asus laptops.

HP and Lenovo laptops are considered as the least reliable laptops. The reliability rankings by SuqareTrade show that HP provides the worst range of laptops in terms of reliability. More than 25% of HP laptops malfunction within three years.

Ilya Elbert writes for several and Computer Help companies and is an avid proponent of good computer security habits.

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  • After very bad experiences with HP laptops (unreliable hardware and inept service suggesting the most expensive repair) I came to the conclusion that HP’s managers must have a sense of honour like bankers: Rip your customers = muppets.

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