When it comes to proposing the loved one for something as important as marriage, no one can beat a geek! Deep inside our hearts even if someone is not so geeky the fact remains getting proposed the geek way is the most amazing thing!

Each one of us wants to knock the wedding proposal in a truly special way. Geeks no matter how involved they are with their techie, geeky stuff; the fact remains that they too carry a heart that truly loves someone or desires for someone special in life. And when they get one, they keep looking for some really cool, geeky ideas and on the top of that if their beloved too has passion for geeky stuff; nothing other than geeky way of proposing can take her heart away.

There are lot many romantic geeks out there who have actually gone to great lengths to make that special moment (of proposing their girl) the geeky way; no matter how hard they are to top when it comes to romantic gestures.

From Star Wars way to the Arcade style; here, we have collected of what we suppose to be the geekiest matrimonial proposals of all times.

Take a look at the list of super-cool geeky ways that took extra efforts in incorporating the geeky passion into securing that oh-so-important ‘yes’ from the person they love.

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1. iPhone App

LinkedIn employee Bryan Haggerty developed a treasure hunt iPhone app to propose his girlfriend Jeannie around San Francisco with her route forming a <3 symbol on a map. Once Jeannie had solved all the video clues she found Haggerty atop a hill waiting to pop the question.

2. Chrono Trigger proposal

A clever geek recreated the

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location of his first date in his girlfriend’s favorite game, discretely added in few of their favorite memories to the dialogue along with a proposal to woo her the geeky way.

3. Pokemon Wedding Proposal

Pokeball ring box is the cool way to propose your loved one. Putting an engagement ring in a Poke Ball with a note saying “I choose you” is pretty cute!

4. Star Trek Way

Nothing beats a simple Next Generation ‘Engage’ command when it comes to proposing your beloved. Adding a little Jean-Luc Picard, the geeky nerd gave his marriage proposal quite cool.

5. Little Big Planet Way

The creative sandbox puzzle game for Playstation 3, LittleBigPlanet was chosen by a geeky nerd to propose his beloved. The game lets the players build their own levels and share them through the PlayStation Network and so he created one called “Love and Marriage” with a not so hidden message.

6. Google Street View: The Google Way

A software engineer to propose his beloved held up a sign that read “Proposal 2.0: Marry me Leslie!” as a Google Street View car drove past his Silicon Valley office. Later he set up a website encouraging people to tell his girlfriend about it.

7. iPhone Proposal

There are plenty of things you can do with an iphone; test the strength of your relationship, a calendar to remember your anniversary, and get engaged too. Mr. Chad decided to film an iPhone commercial which eventually leads to him typing the magic ‘will-you-marry-me’ words.

8. Mario Themed Wedding Proposal

Check out the video below to watch a geeky guy proposing to his Mario-loving girlfriend. He decked out his living room to resemble the Mushroom Kingdom and even had her knock the engagement ring “out” of a question block with her head.

9. The Bejeweled way

A Jersey City man spent a month to reprogram ‘Bejeweled’ so that when his girlfriend reached a high score, she is rewarded her with ‘Marry me!’ not only the guy proposed his love the geeky way, to which she said yes, they planned a Bejeweled-themed wedding too.

10. Portal 2 proposal

Gary Hudston propsed his girlfriend Stephy by putting together a playable, polished three-level Portal 2 mod in just over four weeks. The wedding’s scheduled for February 2012.

11. Companion Cube Marriage Proposal

The box sculpted out of sculpey clay, acrylic paint, magnets, and pink foam makes the ultimate wedding ring box to propose the geeky way. The circles on every face of the cube stay intact so that it is not obvious that it is actually a box which opens up and carries a ring.

12. Penny Arcade proposal

The online comic ‘Penny Arcade’ is

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what each gaming freak and geek is well aquainted with. The co-founder of ‘Penny Arcade’ who is the renowned artist proposed to his girlfriend Kara in one of the site’s comics in 1999. Mike Krahulik and his beloved after twelve years of happy married life are blessed with a son named Gabe.

13. iPod

A geeky freak gave sparkly diamond ring and an iPod and proposed his girl the special way. An iPod could do wonders this way too, amazing huh!

14. Megatouch

The company behind the Megatouch bar games system proposedhis special lady via her fave Megatouch game.

15. Halo 3

Gamers Moviesign and Furtivepenguin were engaged when Moviesign led the little lady to a custom map he created with ‘Will you marry me?’ written in weaponry.

16. Twitter

Imagine one day you log-in Twitter and you see a marriage proposal right there on the screen. The same thing happened when a twitter freak guy proposed his girl on Twitter. It was the first via the micro-blogging site. Also, a couple who got engaged on Twitter was maxiesler and emilychang. Kielser, a San Fransico web designer, popped the question to his girlfriend of 15 years and instantly she responded by saying yes!

Be sure to let us know your favorites geeky marriage proposal by dropping in the comments below.

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