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basis that you notice weird cars zipping on the roads. But when such cars make a hit on the road, these are sure to leave the spectators amazed so much so that they are not able take their eyes off these. Ever imagined to what extent people can go crazy to leave us surprised?

Yes, I am talking about the weird cars! Every once in a while you can get to see the weird car running on the road and sure you all will agree with me that its pleasure watching something that’s not what you call the run of the mill.

Anything unusual, out-of-the box thing is a perfect visual treat and seeing something like weird cars on the roads is a real treat to eyes! Imagine watching those vilest cars that may be the awesome art pieces. Weird doesn’t always mean its visually appealing; some can really get the hell out of you or I must say give you chills.

Here, I am talking about the freaks who are so much in love with their vehicles that they go extremes to make it look

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amazing and become the attraction for the spectators when on roads.

Many people around the world give a creative touch to their vehicles and redesign the same. No matter what people call them; weirdo, insane or creative ingenious, the fact is that at the end of the day, it is their love and passion that counts!

Hate them or love them, pinned below are some really cool, weird, unusual, wacky cars that you surely cannot ignore for these are perfect blend of weirdness and creativity . Take a tour of these amazing pieces and let us know which ones you find the weirdest of all!

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Lobster car

Hog car

Rooster car

Lady Shoe car

Scary Car

Ugly Monster car

Long and weird car

Interestingly weird car


Eddie burger car

Tirezilla art car

Zeppelin Art Car

Turtle car

Car with wacky feet

Sphinx Car

Pink toes car

Vilest cars

casino online 15px; font-weight: bold;”>Skull Car

Dream Car 123: Pyramid car

Hot Dog Car

Hamster Powered Car

Cat Car

Shark car


Horse Powered Car

Tubular Car

Weird car with
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welded add ons

Jaws in Japan

Kaba Car

Peacock car

Dragon car-Breathing fire

Poodle car

Jet Rocket Car

Mutant car

Hover Miller Car

House car

Phantom’s car

Camera car

Elk car

Hand car

Carton car

Fetishism Car

Alien custom built car

Alien car

Snail Car

Crazy Shark Car

1969 Ford Mustang art car

Zoop Car



Wired Volkswagen car

The Goldfish

Horse Car

Black cat car

Head car

Shoe Car




Electric Muffin Cars

Ugly Bug car

Organ car

Big Pig car

Octopus car

Dragon car

Wooden car

Double car

Telephone car

Zoo car

Fish car

Star car

Fly car

Duck car

Demon car

Bunny car

Did you find the compilation of the wackiest of the lot weird, cool or amazing? Would you want to be seen riding in any of the strangest vehicles listed above? Don’t forget to drop in your valuable comments.

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