Tattoos and piercing make you look awesome but you really need courage to get one for yourself. These as we all believe are the utmost form of body modifications but there are lot many who don’t share the same opinion and believe in crossing all boundaries of body modification.

Gone are the days when piercings and tattoos were a rare sight. Today, even though piercing and tattooing are still a wonderful form of self-expression, you

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stand in a group making people fall in love with your weird body modifications.

Taking about implants, there are many crazy people who are gutsy enough to get their body modified in such a way so as to leave the spectators dazed. Various inert implant materials like teflon, silicon, surgical steel or titanium are used for body implants.

Whether you love piercing or simple tattoos, you are sure to love the bizarre implants by crazy people all over.

Here’s the compilation of 10 Weird Body Implants That Are Irresistibly Cool.You will be surprised to see creative, bizarre and amazing body implants. I believe most of you would find them crazy but ask someone who is in love with needles, they surely adore these freaky and daring people!

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1. Star hand and arm implant

Take a look at one of the most bizarre star and round small ball like implants. One thing that is sure to leave you wondering is the fact that the round shaped implants are done right in a straight line.

2. Raised Breast Implant Tattoo

A man has had silicone implants under the skin on his leg to bring the tattoo of the lovely lady on his leg to life. The unusual part of the tattoo was that the guy got the silicone implant on the breasts (inked) of the girl inked.

3. Pokémon Balls Subdermal Implants

The gaming freak who has been a fan of the Pokemon videogame and anime franchise since he was in third or fourth grade got six Poke Ball tattoos in reference to the number of Poke Balls which can be carried in the original videogames.

4. Bagel Implant

Bagels, the delicious breakfast treat too could inspire someone to get implant. The picture above is of Bagel lovers I guess. Quite possible the shape of the Bagels inspired them to get implants. The thick ring has now even been an inspiration to subdermal implants.

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5. Scary head implant

Check out the scary yet awesome head implant by some really gutsy guy. Take a look at the nails on his head. Ouch!

6. Ice
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cream and cupcake implants

This fellow

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seems to be passionate about ice creams and cupcakes. Getting implants in the shape of these two delicacies might sound crazy to few people but are genuinely cool.

7. Ear on arm

Ear on Arm is an ear implanted onto the forearm of the famous artist. The implant consists of soft tissue and flexible cartilage and is a prosthesis that could possibly be produced right on the body itself.

8. Woman with horns

Here’s a girl who got implants in such a way that to a layman these might look like horns. Adding to it the girl has nice piercings too.

9. Braille tattoos

Brail tattoos are invented to enable the blind to enjoy body modifications. The brainchild of Klara Jirkova, a student at the University of Arts in Berlin, the brail tattoos (implants) make the blind feel the artistic statements through their sense of touch.

10. Arm ring implants

Here’s a crazy implant that looks painful for the fact that there are not one or two rings instead three rings that I’m sure were painful.

What”s your take on the bizarre body implants. Share your views with us and don”t forget to tell us if you would dare to get body implants for yourself.

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  • these pictures are just fake people! these are nothing but illusions done for publicity of this site. i will have to take some legal actions before this goes too far. FAKE SITE!!!

    • i totally agree with what bishal has to say

    • Please tell me you’re trolling. Implants are a form of body modification. You’ve gotta be kidding otherwise you’re just stupid…

  • These are def real I don’t know why you would think that someone would fake that. In fact if you don’t like it don’t look.

  • i like all of the body modifications except for the bagel head implants, those are just stupid.

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