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Mar 18, 2012

10 Most Amazing Underwater Travel Destinations

The world, I tell you is full of beautiful places that leave us astound. Lots of amazing travel destinations around the world seem to magnetize each one of us to pay the visit once in a while. Oodles of people throughout their lives keep dreaming about traveling around the world. Frankly, I am one of them!

Talking about the underwater travel destinations around the globe, each one gets ready to sit up and read about them no matter how busy we


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with the deadlines or the targets. We actually take out time and spare few moments if we have that attraction and interest about the underwater travel destinations.

Underwater world is full of beautiful creatures including sharks, whales, seals, crabs and much more. Water covers up 70% of our beautiful planet. Even if you’re not good at swimming, you would wish to travel the places that are genuinely worth it.

So, what’s the wait for? Here, we have listed down 10 of the world’s most amazing travel destinations that are actually worth a visit. So, if you have been preparing the list of places you wish to visit, here are few more to worth adding. Take a look at these underwater travel destinations and decide for yourself!

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Nov 11, 2011

10 Most Unique And Amazing Post Offices Around The World

With the advancement of technology, the trend of dropping mails might appear to be dying the slow death but the fact remains that it is till date the best means of communication.

We all no matter how technologically advanced we are, we still go to the post offices to deliver or get our mails. Post offices offer mail-related services like post office boxes, postage, receipt, sorting, handling, transmission or delivery of mail all take place that too in the systematic order to let people communicate and send messages the safe way.

Not only the proper mail services are offered at the post offices; some post offices offer non-postal services such as passport applications and other government forms, car tax purchase, money orders, and banking services.

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Oct 24, 2011

Top 10 Massive Man Made And Natural Holes Around The World

Large and visually unusual holes have been known to us since the ancient times. A natural depression or hole in the Earth”s surface caused for one or the other reason has been the topic of interest for human beings since ages.

Man has always been in the quest to search for mineral wealth thereby creating many enormous holes. Not only this, nature too has played a major role in creating these gigantic holes.

Few good number of holes can be found scattered across the globe. While some of them are smaller in size there are lot many that are so huge that they can be seen by astronauts with the unaided eye. Some of them signal a subterranean fire, open pit diamond mines, and others are sinkholes.

From Chand Baori in India to Great Blue Hole in Belize; there are lot many massive holes- brought about by mankind, made by nature like craters or collapsed cave systems. Here we have listed 10 most spectacular natural and manmade holes on the Earth.

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Oct 12, 2011

In Pics: Mind-Boggling Artworks At Norway Nuart Festival 2011

Throughout the year lot many events, competitions, festivals take place that draw a pull towards ingenious, freaky people from around the world. Not to forget the 11 Most Bizarre Festivals Around The World we came up with a few months back. Amazing bizarre festivals/events were listed down and I am pretty sure you all loved checking them out.

Well, today I have come up with not weird but the artistic festival that magnetizes talented people from around the globe at one place to show their creativity. The most awaited Nuart annual international contemporary street and urban art festival is here once again and ingenious artists from around the globe have gathered under the same roof to exhibit their artistic skills.

Established in 2001, the festival is based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway and begins from the first week of September. The international team of street artists starts to leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoors and outdoors, creating one of Europe’s most dynamic and constantly evolving public art events.

This year at Nuart, a dark installation that needed an entire room was a highlight. With the help of a crane, they overtook a large wall with paintings of a caged monkeys and a disgruntled prince that said these sad words, “I had to cage you because I envied you..too much.”

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Sep 21, 2011

10 Greatest Impact Craters Caused By Asteroid Attacks On Earth

Solar system, the very names takes us back to our school days especially the geography classes. I remember how I always wished to get rid of those boring classes. But frankly, we can’t deny whatever we learnt about our surroundings, earth, the solar system and other things was in those school classes.

Remember the chapters that covered the solar system, planets, asteroids, meteors, comets? I am talking about these in detail to give you the idea about what I am here to talk about. Asteroid/comets impacts! Personally, I found it an interesting topic worth talking about.

There are innumerable asteroids whizzing around the solar system and Astronomers have always raised fears of asteroids that can wipe out life on earth.

Although, the chances of collision in the nearby future are quite remote but the fact remains that in the past there have been some impacts worth a look. We don’t exactly know the consequences of collisions but the impacts of such collisions on earth and the scars leave us imagining how disastrous could they have been.

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Sep 16, 2011

World's Strangest McDonald's Restaurants You Might Not Know About

McDonald”s Corporation is the world”s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 64 million customers daily. Founded by businessman Ray Kroc in 1955 after he purchased the rights to a small hamburger chain operated by the eponymous Richard and Maurice McDonald, it has the headquarters in US.

McDonald, we all know primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes and desserts. In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its menu to include salads, wraps, fruits and much more.

The McDonald”s business began in 1940 and has expanded to almost all parts of the world. From Egypt to China and Malaysia, wherever you go almost everywhere you can find a McDonald to satisfy your taste buds. A McDonald”s restaurant is operated by franchisee, an affiliate, or the corporation itself. We can’t name all the places where you can find a McDonald restaurant but then we can view it with a different angle.

Giving a twist to the story, we thought of coming up with the strangest McDonald”s restaurants around the world. These outlandish McDonald”s restaurants located in different parts of the world will at the very first glimpse make you understand the quote ‘Expect the Unexpected’ pretty well!

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Sep 12, 2011

16 Most Scary Bridges From Across The World

Bridges, as you all know are made to make it easier for people to commute from one place to another in short span of time. There are lot many places across the globe where bridges are the most important way of transporting crops, goods and bringing to and fro the products from the nearby town markets.

People residing in remote areas find bridges as blessings. But then a bridge can prove to be dangerous for miscellaneous reasons. There are many bridges across the world that ask you to walk over them at your own risk. These bridges can be categorized as the world’s scariest and outrageously incredible bridges that could cause a rush of adrenaline and can give goose bumps to those who have fear of heights; you can never make out as to what would happen the very next moment.

Promising to haunt you in your sleep with the fear factor involved for the reason that some are unbelievably high, creepy to give you chills and thrills.

Showcased below are a wide variety of bridges in countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal and many other places across the world that can genuinely be categorized as scary ones.

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Sep 5, 2011

11 Most Bizarre Festivals Around The World

The world is full of not only, weird people that do things unusually on individual level but collectively too. Every year huge number of people gather at a particular venue to either take part or witness the most bizarre happenings. These happenings are actually organized and celebrated on the grand scale.

From rolling cheese in Gloucestershire to wife-carrying in Scandinavia, the world is full of unusual, colorful and downright bizarre events that attract many locals and tourists.

Not only the ones who are already there to visit a particular place, instead lot many people plan their trip to the place around that festival or event to be the part of it or atleast witness the bizarre event.

To the OddStuffLab blog that promises to offer the weirdest treat, the list of bizarre festivals around the globe deserved a special mention. Correct me if I am wrong! So, here I am with the extremely different festivals that pull oodles of people from across the world.

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Aug 26, 2011
Yogesh Mankani

Haunted or a hoax?

If you have just read the article on Oddstufflab about the top ten most haunted places to visit, you would have noticed that Plymouth Massachusetts was not mentioned, but it certainly shouldn”t be left out. Lets explore the creepy goings on in the old buildings that lie within the city.

America”s Home town, as it”s more commonly known as, is home to Mayflower and Plymouth Rock which is said to have many haunted hospitals, forests and abandoned buildings.

Firstly, the Myles Standish forest is

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named after a pilgrim who was famous for building a fort in Plymouth and who enforced attacks on the native Americans. Within the forest lies an abandoned mental hospital, said to have strange goings on.

Plus, many murders took place in the forest and in 2003, a man was jailed after being proven guilty of a murder in 1977. Reading about freaky phenomenons is even more scary if you are by yourself in the house.

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Aug 24, 2011

Top 10 World’s Most Haunted Places That Will Give You GooseBumps

Frankly, when I get time to surf net, I just go about checking out various travel destinations. Each time I do so, the list of places I wish to visit goes on increasing. There is actually a long list of amazing places wroth paying the visit. While there are many amazing travel destinations, there are lot many others that give you goosebumps.

Have you ever visited a place that gave you goosebumps and made you shiver? Yes, you guess is right, I am talking haunted places. Certainly, you have not added the most haunted places in the long list of places you wish to travel.

If ghost stories and horror movies interest you a great deal then this article is for you.

Take a tour of some of the most haunted places in the world.

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