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Nov 15, 2011

Bizarre Collection Of Preserved Tattooed Skins Of 20th Century Prisoners

These days you can see lot many people getting inked. Not just once or twice; some go to the extent of undergoing body modification either in the form of tattoos or piercings time and again. Few have entered the Guinness Book Of World record for being the most tattooed person.

I won’t be wrong in saying that the tattoo craze is

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on full swing now a days. But then, if you think getting inked started just a few years back and is the latest buzz then you are mistaken. In the ancient past too people used to get tattooed though not as commonly as today.

Tattoo is now generally accepted as a part of our culture, but long ago tattoos were the domain of very specific groups of people. Prisoners around the world have been tattooing themselves for a very long time. The tattoo designs, style, ways of tattooing indeed were quite different from those prevalent today.

The tattoo designs in those days were far simpler than today. Instead of the needle, the prisoners used crude implements and created designs on their skin that were punctured using razor blades, broken glass, paper clips, wires and similar stuff.

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Aug 1, 2011

10 Weird Body Implants That Are Irresistibly Cool

Tattoos and piercing make you look awesome but you really need courage to get one for yourself. These as we all believe are the utmost form of body modifications but there are lot many who don’t share the same opinion and believe in crossing all boundaries of body modification.

Gone are the days when piercings and tattoos were a rare sight. Today, even though piercing and tattooing are still a wonderful form of self-expression, you

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stand in a group making people fall in love with your weird body modifications.

Taking about implants, there are many crazy people who are gutsy enough to get their body modified in such a way so as to leave the spectators dazed. Various inert implant materials like teflon, silicon, surgical steel or titanium are used for body implants.

Whether you love piercing or simple tattoos, you are sure to love the bizarre implants by crazy people all over.

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May 11, 2011

Top 10 Extreme Body Modifications: Weird or cool?

Body modification, as y’all know is the term used the deliberate altering of the human body. Tattoos and piercings are the major body modifications one undergoes for all good reasons; one being the craze to stand apart from the crowd. There are indeed great tattoo freaks who love getting etched.

In my peer group too there are many tattoo fanatics who simply wish they could wear a nice tattoo of their choice but what stops them to take a step forward is the fear of pain and the dilemma whether it would look nice or not.

Well, this is the story of just few tattoo lovers but look around and you will find many already wearing one or miscellaneous tattoos. It’s their immense craze for body modification that doesn’t stop them and they just go about getting etched or pierced.

While few out there gather the courage to get one or two countable tattoos/piercings, there are others who rightly deserve to be called freaks. Wanna know what these people look like? How about a short introduction of these freaky freaks?

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