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Jul 29, 2011

Stunning Money Origami: Bending, Twisting And Folding Money Creatively!

Buying gift for our loved ones is one difficult task for many as some of us get confused while others fall short of time to go to the store and pick some gift for the special occasion. Giving cash in the packet sounds to lame. What could be the smart solution? Money origami!

I mean it can definitely be one smart way to give your friends or family cash itself but in pretty creative way. Money card holders, gift cards, and cheques have become the thing of the past. Why not transform your money into beautiful hand-folded money origami in shape of long stemmed roses,

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By bending, twisting and folding the money, beautiful crafty money origami can be created; all that is needed is creative bent of mind and an image in mind as to what you want as the end product. The word of caution runs that you need to be really careful while handling the money; you have to create beautiful money origami without tearing it apart.

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