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Nov 30, 2011

Shocking Images That Are Worth A Thousand Words

Every now and then some natural calamity or man-made disaster has resulted into the devastating effects. From Bhopal Gas tragedy to WTC attack, Tsunami and Haiti, lot many tragic incidents have actually shook the world so did the images taken at or after the incidents.

It is said that pictures speak for themselves! A picture taken at the right moment is worth a thousand words. Capturing images is an art and it’s not the talent that everyone has. One needs to be perfect enough to capture the right picture at the right moment.

Any picture may be worth a hundred words, but only a few rare ones are worth thousand words. Telling a story in itself, pinned below are images that are worth applauding and deserve a standing ovation.

It’s been years since these tragic incidents have occurred but the power of photography is still alive.

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Nov 16, 2011
Yogesh Mankani

5 Interesting Facts About Ron Paul That Everyone Must Know

In this post we are going to talk about the Ron Paul of Texas, Congressman of Republican 2012ers. Ron Paul stood for the president on Libertarian ticket about twenty years ago and now he is looking for the Republic nomination. He did the same before a few years ago too. He is still at the debate stage with the GOP candidates, though his outlooks are still far from the majority.

The other representatives of the party call Ron Paul by the nickname Doctor No and the reason is that he usually never give the vote in favor of any bill.


Paul is a powerhouse in 2012 presidential race and he is not just running simply on a political platform, he is leading a revolution of ideas that is the

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beginning of a revolutionary and innovatory nation from a long media induced sleep.

Dr. Pauls has the support of the two most important groups the military and the young people and thus this revolution is likely to be successful. No other republican candidate and not even President Obama got the military donation more than Ron Paul. He received $35000 from military between April and June.

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Oct 14, 2011

10 Famous Stolen Body Parts You Will Be Keen To Know About

All those of you who have keen interest in the history and keep reading the books that are endowed with immense knowledge of historical events, characters that ruled the world and much more, here is an interesting write up you would love reading.

Scroll down for checking out what we have in store for you all today. Did you all know that the body parts of some real life characters went missing for one or the other reason? Undeniably their bodies were buried but for different reasons of some notorious people,

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it was not let to rest down beneath the ground instead some of their body parts were persevered and some were sent from one place to another.

During the Middle Ages, the body parts of many saints, and others attracted people from all around the world so much so that these persuaded some people to steal for miscellaneous reasons of their own.

Some of the body parts that went missing some hundred years were found at different places while some still are missing.

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