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Oct 10, 2011

Unusual GoofUps: 45+ Epic Construction Fails

Engineering as it sounds is difficult stream not only till the time one is studying and has to pass the exams but throughout. Constructing any architecture or any other structure is one intricate job that involves detailed planning, engineering knowledge and complete coordination. If one of these is missing it results in unusual sometimes disastrous.

So predictably, the engineering team has to be in total co-ordination so as to get the desired results. The larger the projects, more are the chances of miscommunication and eventually, epic fails that sometimes might bring smile on the spectator’s face while sometimes these are sure to leave them wide mouth opened.

Lack of coordination or some kind of miscommunication; whatever be the reason, the fact remains that there are lot many times we witness the scenario where people stand gazing at them and wondering. Today, I planned to jot down the amazing epic construction fails that will actually keep you pondering as to why and how these happened and what could be the smart way out.

Throughout the time of collecting these pictures of epic construction fails I kept wondering that not even a single moment while constructing these, the engineering team understood that there was a major blunder. Didn’t anyone ever think during the long, laborious construction period notice?

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Sep 14, 2011

55+ Examples Of Worst Parenting Fails Ever

Smart Parenting-Phew! Becoming parents is such a great feeling but with it comes a big responsibility. Parents need to be really cautious of even the minutest thing to make sure that the child is raised in a proper way. Sometimes that makes the task of parenting all the more difficult.

Parenting is one difficult job for anyone but for those who become parents for the first time, they really fret in the very initial stages. There is no immediate way to learn good parenting but yes, searching for tips indeed help a great deal.

Reading about good parenting doesn’t ensure the best way possible for good parenting, one learns it by just doing it the best way possible taking extra care of the child. Parenting is a challenge which changes most people for the better. Well, don’t get me wrong for talking in length about the good parenting.

I’m no way planning to give the tips and tricks of good parenting; instead the motive here is to surprise you all with the images of “Parenting Fail’!

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