The past few years, Nokia has been in trouble. It’s market share has gone down and it has been forced to close factories and fire employees. I’m sure you remember when Nokia was the most popular brand around, and you HAD to have a Nokia. Those days are now gone.

Since the smartphone explosion, others, especially Apple and Samsung have climbed up the ranks, pushing Nokia below. And as more users are able to afford fancier, more expensive cellphones, this shift will

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just become faster. In fact, last year saw Samsung beat Nokia to the title of the world’s largest mobile phone maker. So what can Nokia do?

Well, what Nokia has tried to do is to dump its Symbian Operating System in favour of Microsoft’s Windows Phone system. This was expected to be the move that saved Nokia.

However, while Nokia sales have improved since the shift to Windows Phone, no major change has occurred, In fact, many still say that Nokia is in danger of collapsing and may be nearing its end! So what went wrong with Windows Phone? The simple fact is that Nokia needs more options and should open up to more OS options than just WP. Windows Phone is a very good system and has been critically acclaimed for ease of use and performance. However, the fact that Windows Phone is itself nor very popular should change things at Nokia.

What has happened is that many users still associate Windows Phone with the old Windows Mobile/Pocket PC platform. This, while powerful, was ugly and difficult to use. Also, Microsoft is not regarded as a ‘cool’, consumer company – it is a purely IT company for many users. This makes many users think that they will get the same PC experience on their phone. Which is not what mobile phone users want. What users want is a name that signifies excellence in mobile phones tech – and Android and Apple’s iOS have that!

So, it might be better for Nokia if it also uses other OS such as Android. This is bound to help as Android is perhaps the most popular mobile phone system, and is the one thing a buyer asks when they go to a shop. So, Nokia should definitely open up to more OS options other than Windows Phone. This is the only way it will reverse the slide in its market share and ensure that it survives as a profitable business!

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