Sep 14, 2011

55+ Examples Of Worst Parenting Fails Ever

Smart Parenting-Phew! Becoming parents is such a great feeling but with it comes a big responsibility. Parents need to be really cautious of even the minutest thing to make sure that the child is raised in a proper way. Sometimes that makes the task of parenting all the more difficult.

Parenting is one difficult job for anyone but for those who become parents for the first time, they really fret

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in the very initial stages. There is no immediate way to learn good parenting but yes, searching for tips indeed help a great deal.

Reading about good parenting doesn’t ensure the best way possible for good parenting, one learns it by just doing it the best way possible taking extra care of the child. Parenting is a challenge which changes most people for the better. Well, don’t get me wrong for talking in length about the good parenting.

I’m no way planning to give the tips and tricks of good parenting; instead the motive here is to surprise you all with the images of “Parenting Fail’!

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Sep 12, 2011

16 Most Scary Bridges From Across The World

Bridges, as you all know are made to make it easier for people to commute from one place to another in short span of time. There are lot many places across the globe where bridges are the most important way of transporting crops, goods and bringing to and fro the products from the nearby town markets.

People residing in remote areas find bridges as blessings. But then a bridge can prove to be dangerous for miscellaneous reasons. There are many bridges across the world that ask you to walk over them at your own risk. These bridges can be categorized as the world’s scariest and outrageously incredible bridges that could cause a rush of adrenaline and can give goose bumps to those who have fear of heights; you can never make out as to what would happen the very next moment.

Promising to haunt you in your sleep with the fear factor involved for the reason that some are unbelievably high, creepy to give you chills and thrills.

Showcased below are a wide variety of bridges in countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal and many other places across the world that can genuinely be categorized as scary ones.

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Sep 9, 2011

Mark Khaisman’s Stupendous Paintings Made Of Packaging Tape

Occasionally, we come up with the creative ideas of using usually day to day stuff to craft something worth applauding. Minute things which usually go unnoticed sometimes contribute in crafting stunning masterpieces. Remember the Peter Root’s Incredible City Made Up Of 100,000 Staples and Astonishing Toothpick Sculptures Created By Scott Weaver? Spectacular; weren’t they? Meet Mark Khaisman who using the packaging tapes crafts inimitable master pieces.

While most of us use packing tape on boxes, talented artist Mark Khaisman uses it as a paint brush, painstakingly layering 2” swaths across fields of Plexiglas until the images revealed to come up with creative artworks worth being the part of any modern interior.

Ukranian born artist Marc Khaisman never knew that one day he would be known for the artworks crafted out of packaging tape. Originally, he was trained as an architect, but now he uses an packing tape to create amazing artworks.

Khaisman lives and works in Philadelphia. His creative mind has the ability to create luminous, thought-provoking pieces of art with a commonplace medium that

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otherwise is considered to just be used for packaging boxes.

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Sep 5, 2011

11 Most Bizarre Festivals Around The World

The world is full of not only, weird people that do things unusually on individual level but collectively too. Every year huge number of people gather at a particular venue to either take part or witness the most bizarre happenings. These happenings are actually organized and celebrated on the grand scale.

From rolling cheese in Gloucestershire to wife-carrying in Scandinavia, the world is full of unusual, colorful and downright bizarre events that attract many locals and tourists.

Not only the ones who are already there to visit a particular place, instead lot many people plan their trip to the place around that festival or event to be the part of it or atleast witness the bizarre event.

To the OddStuffLab blog that promises to offer the weirdest treat, the list of bizarre festivals around the globe deserved a special mention. Correct me if I am wrong! So, here I am with the extremely different festivals that pull oodles of people from across the world.

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Sep 2, 2011
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60+ Funny Yahoo Question Answer Fails That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Silliness is not limited just to children. Many a times, we act stupid or say something silly that leaves us embarrassed but gives a good dose of laughter to the people around. It is very easy to console ourselves and we find it easier to forgive yourself the next time we catch ourselves being silly.

Take the example of silly questions asked by people at one or the other situation. The silly questions are not asked by foolish people, we at times tend to ask the similar questions. When you see your friend/colleague with evidently shorter hair, the very first question we all tend to ask is “Hey, did you get the haircut done?”

What’s the very first reaction of people when they see some friend in the movie hall? Hey, what are you doing here? Imagine, the question is so plain stupid obviously, they are there for the same reason as yours; to watch the movie of course.

Calling someone midnight and saying “Sorry, were you sleeping?” is another stupid question. There are many similar examples of silly questions that leave the other person thinking.

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Aug 29, 2011

8 Hilarious Google+ Parodies To Make You Smile For A While

Introduced just recently, Google+ is a social networking platform that with its amazing new features missing in other existing social networking sites has successfully persuaded the users to make a shift. You all will have to agree with me on the fact the latest buzz from Google has become a great distraction from the existing social networking making them insecure.

Facebook, the most addictive social networking site too started feeling insecure of the Google+. There are lot many funny images and videos floating over the net that show how Facebook got hit by Google+. Facebook might have been the first in its class to score a movie, but it won’t be the last if Google+ has anything to say about it.

There was ‘The Twit Network,’ all about Twitter, the creatively named ‘YouTube Movie’ and who could forget ‘The Social Network. When the movie ‘The Social Network’ documented Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to infamy on the Internet was out in theatres last year, people got inspired and started uploading dozens of parody flicks on YouTube.

Okay, coming to Goolge+ ! Tell me frankly, are you all loving it? Or you’re the one who still is confused whether to join in? If you fall in the category of the latter camp, then we have a treat for you.

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Aug 26, 2011
Yogesh Mankani

Haunted or a hoax?

If you have just read the article on Oddstufflab about the top ten most haunted places to visit, you would have noticed that Plymouth Massachusetts was not mentioned, but it certainly shouldn”t be left out. Lets explore the creepy goings on in the old buildings that lie within the city.

America”s Home town, as it”s more commonly known as, is home to Mayflower and Plymouth Rock which is said to have many haunted hospitals, forests and abandoned buildings.

Firstly, the Myles Standish forest is

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named after a pilgrim who was famous for building a fort in Plymouth and who enforced attacks on the native Americans. Within the forest lies an abandoned mental hospital, said to have strange goings on.

Plus, many murders took place in the forest and in 2003, a man was jailed after being proven guilty of a murder in 1977. Reading about freaky phenomenons is even more scary if you are by yourself in the house.

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Aug 24, 2011

Top 10 World’s Most Haunted Places That Will Give You GooseBumps

Frankly, when I get time to surf net, I just go about checking out various travel destinations. Each time I do so, the list of places I wish to visit goes on increasing. There is actually a long list of amazing places wroth paying the visit. While there are many amazing travel destinations, there are lot many others that give you goosebumps.

Have you ever visited a place that gave you goosebumps and made you shiver? Yes, you guess is right, I am talking haunted places. Certainly, you have not added the most haunted places in the long list of places you wish to travel.

If ghost stories and horror movies interest you a great deal then this article is for you.

Take a tour of some of the most haunted places in the world.

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Aug 22, 2011

Bizarre Massive Acoustic Devices Used For Hearing Airplanes in World War II

If the header appealed you so much

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so that you got persuaded to click and open to read the article then you most probably have a keen interest in history. To be particular World Wars and technology used at in the past time interests lot many people.

Unlike today, technology in those times was not lightweight instead was known for its massiveness. Engineers from different countries at war entered a fierce competition to create heavier, faster and more agile military aircrafts that could be used in World War.

Aircraft especially those using jet engines, were totally different from the ones that had been flown before. The technological advancement completely changed the face of aviation industry. The performance of airplanes today is pretty impressing.

Talk about World War II lot many changes took place at that time. It was the need of the hour to raise the standards of aviation industry.

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Aug 19, 2011

20+ Hilarious YouTube Videos That Promise A Good Dose Of Laughter

In today’s busy life how many of you actually get time for recreation, something that makes you smile for a while? Sometimes, it feels like we are living in the robotic world where everything is based on performance and in the quest to meet the deadlines and to beat the cut throat competition; we almost forget to live our

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life the way we want.

Sometimes life is so busy, that we don’t have time for ourselves. I believe, whichever is you field of work, we all deserve at least some time for ourselves and our families.

For all those of you who keep surfing net the whole day, we at OddStuffLab make efforts to keep you all engaged with unique, cool, out-of-the-box stuff that promise to bring smile on your face at one time while on the other hand leave you awe-stuck.

No matter how weird or wacky you find the articles posted on the blog but the fact remains, that checking them out is a refreshing break that brings smile on your face thereby breathing life into the monotonous day’s schedule. Correct me if I am

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