Oct 5, 2011

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That Will Leave You Wondering

‘Unsolved Mysteries’, the mere mention of it makes us recall the American television program hosted by Dennis Farina currently. Undeniably, it’s a very interesting programme worth sparing out time. However, the fact cannot be denied that those who don’t know about the program respond strangely when talked about unsolved mysteries.

For the fact that many mysteries are related to ghosts, disappearance of people, group, ship and much more these leaves people silent and terrified. Scientifically, it is said that everything has a reason behind but there are lot many incidents that have happened and cannot be explained by logical reasoning.

The world is a magical place, full of mysteries and it can be rightly said that science may never understand these. No matter how many researches are done, and theories exist; the fact remains that lot many people don’t understand and they keep wondering as to why a particular incident happened and what’s the logical reason behind.

Not only, there is a list of incidents that have occurred in the past there are certain phenomena in the present era that leave people stunned and wide-mouth opened.

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Oct 3, 2011

Most Funny Kitchen Gadgets You Would Love To Take Home

All the housewives or even the working women who find entering the kitchen and cooking meals a tedious task need some inspiration or something like that which will persuade them to go to the kitchen willingly. Ask most of the women, they would say cleanliness is one thing that contributes a lot in good cooking and setting mood to cook yummy food.

There are lot many women that just don’t find this as motivating and they really wish they had something to make them happy about going to the kitchen. Well, I guess here ends the search. Talking about kitchen gadgets, there are lot many available in different kinds, sizes and limitations, but that doesn’t mean if these are designed for utilities, the same cannot be bizarre, unusual or out-of the box.

Promising to bring smile on your face while you cook the yummy meals for your family Kitchen gadgets definitely can be practical and funny at the same time! Even if you have the limited space in your kitchen, the funny kitchen gadgets are sure to win over you to take them all home.

 Denture Bottle Opener

The creative minds who thought about crafting these amazing kitchen gadgets are certainly brilliant as can be clearly depicted by the amazing designs. I really don’t exactly know if you will find these kitchen gadgets bizarre or cool but in my opinion, these are just hilarious.

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Sep 27, 2011

11 Unusual Places To Give Birth

My question goes for all you mothers out there. Was your baby delivered in the hospital or in an unexpected way in an odd place? Most of the babies are destined to enter the world in the weird manner and weird place. By weird place I mean anywhere other than hospital. Like there are many incidents that leave us stunned.

Once in a while we all have read or heard about mothers who gave birth to their child at places like elevators, libraries, ship and other places and not hospitals, If the parents and child are lucky, the baby is delivered normally no matter how much hassle it creates.

Not every child in this world is fated to be born in the hospitals accommodated in a reasonably equipped medical centre, surrounded by white coated doctors and tended to by hard working nurses.

There are few unusual delivery incidents in which the babies are destined to buck the trend of coming into the world in hospitals. Some babies come into being in the oddest of places.

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Sep 26, 2011

Top 10 Weird World Record Attempts That Failed Hilariously

No two people are alike, be it in appearances or traits! There lot many people all around the globe who don’t fail to leave people surprised with their acts, style or anything else. But the fact remains some people stand apart from the crowd no matter how weird you call them.

Take the case of making weird world records. Do you have such friends, family members, acquaintances who have tried attempting weird world records? The web world is filled with incidents in which people with unusual thought process have tried something that is not what you witness on day to day basis. Its rare to see people doing weird things that might be cool from their perspective.

Don’t take me wrong in thinking that I am here with the same stuff that’s the weird world records instead pinned below are the incidents in which people attempted to make the weird world records but failed for many good reasons.

From unawareness to things not going the expected way were the reasons that contributed in making the efforts of people who wanted to see their names in the Guinness world record books fail badly.

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Sep 23, 2011

10 Incredible Ultrasound Scans That Promise To Leave You Surprised

Ultrasound is used for different reasons at different stages in pregnancy. Ultrasound pictures are formed using sound waves. A machine sends sound waves through the body thereby reflecting back and converting it into an image that is visible on a screen.

Ultrasound scanning is used to check whether the foetus is alive and whether it is alone or one of twins or triplets. It is by measuring the length of the foetus, doctors can accurately determine when the baby will be due. Not only this, some of the major abnormalities can also be detected during the period of pregnancy.

It is the best way to see your baby grow in the womb. First time parents get quite excited seeing their baby on an ultrasound. With the advancement of technology, newer ultrasounds are available to show the parents the picture of their baby in the womb quite clearly infact these days, one can see the scans of their baby in three dimension which is similar in clarity to a photograph.

It can be useful in detecting birth defects when performed in a medical center. Also, the three-dimensional view of baby makes the parents go all the more excited.

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Sep 21, 2011

10 Greatest Impact Craters Caused By Asteroid Attacks On Earth

Solar system, the very names takes us back to our school days especially the geography classes. I remember how I always wished to get rid of those boring classes. But frankly, we can’t deny whatever we learnt about our surroundings, earth, the solar system and other things was in those school classes.

Remember the chapters that covered the solar system, planets, asteroids, meteors, comets? I am talking about these in detail to give you the idea about what I am here to talk about. Asteroid/comets impacts! Personally, I found it an interesting topic worth talking about.

There are innumerable asteroids whizzing around the solar system and Astronomers have always raised fears of asteroids that can wipe out life on earth.

Although, the chances of collision in the nearby future are quite remote but the fact remains that in the past there have been some impacts worth a look. We don’t exactly know the consequences of collisions but the impacts of such collisions on earth and the scars leave us imagining how disastrous could they have been.

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Sep 19, 2011

70 Weird Yet Cool Cars Worth A Drive

It’s not on the regular basis that you notice weird cars zipping on the roads. But when such cars make a hit on the road, these are sure to leave the spectators amazed so much so that they are not able take their eyes off these. Ever imagined to what extent people can go crazy to leave us surprised?

Yes, I am talking about the weird cars! Every once in a while you can get to see the weird car running on the road and sure you all will agree with me that its pleasure watching something that’s not what you call the run of the mill.

Anything unusual, out-of-the box thing is a perfect visual treat and seeing something like weird cars on the roads is a real treat to eyes! Imagine watching those vilest cars that may be the awesome art pieces. Weird doesn’t always mean its visually appealing; some can really get the hell out of you or I must say give you chills.

Here, I am talking about the freaks who are so much in love with their vehicles that they go extremes to make it look amazing and become the attraction for the spectators when on roads.

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Sep 16, 2011

World's Strangest McDonald's Restaurants You Might Not Know About

McDonald”s Corporation is the world”s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 64 million customers daily. Founded by businessman Ray Kroc in 1955 after he purchased the rights to a small hamburger chain operated by the eponymous Richard and Maurice McDonald, it has the headquarters in US.

McDonald, we all know primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes and desserts. In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its menu to include salads, wraps, fruits and much more.

The McDonald”s business began in 1940 and has expanded to almost all parts of the world. From Egypt to China and Malaysia, wherever you go almost everywhere you can find a McDonald to satisfy your taste buds. A McDonald”s restaurant is operated by franchisee, an affiliate, or the corporation itself. We can’t name all the places where you can find a McDonald restaurant but then we can view it with a different angle.

Giving a twist to the story, we thought of coming up with the strangest McDonald”s restaurants around the world. These outlandish McDonald”s restaurants located in different parts of the world will at the very first glimpse make you understand the quote ‘Expect the Unexpected’ pretty well!

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Sep 14, 2011

55+ Examples Of Worst Parenting Fails Ever

Smart Parenting-Phew! Becoming parents is such a great feeling but with it comes a big responsibility. Parents need to be really cautious of even the minutest thing to make sure that the child is raised in a proper way. Sometimes that makes the task of parenting all the more difficult.

Parenting is one difficult job for anyone but for those who become parents for the first time, they really fret in the very initial stages. There is no immediate way to learn good parenting but yes, searching for tips indeed help a great deal.

Reading about good parenting doesn’t ensure the best way possible for good parenting, one learns it by just doing it the best way possible taking extra care of the child. Parenting is a challenge which changes most people for the better. Well, don’t get me wrong for talking in length about the good parenting.

I’m no way planning to give the tips and tricks of good parenting; instead the motive here is to surprise you all with the images of “Parenting Fail’!

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Sep 12, 2011

16 Most Scary Bridges From Across The World

Bridges, as you all know are made to make it easier for people to commute from one place to another in short span of time. There are lot many places across the globe where bridges are the most important way of transporting crops, goods and bringing to and fro the products from the nearby town markets.

People residing in remote areas find bridges as blessings. But then a bridge can prove to be dangerous for miscellaneous reasons. There are many bridges across the world that ask you to walk over them at your own risk. These bridges can be categorized as the world’s scariest and outrageously incredible bridges that could cause a rush of adrenaline and can give goose bumps to those who have fear of heights; you can never make out as to what would happen the very next moment.

Promising to haunt you in your sleep with the fear factor involved for the reason that some are unbelievably high, creepy to give you chills and thrills.

Showcased below are a wide variety of bridges in countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal and many other places across the world that can genuinely be categorized as scary ones.

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