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phones are not just the necessities but also the style statement for the young generation. This is the reason that the different and stylish mobile phone accessories are very much in demand.

Kids, teenagers and even the young adults want to have their cell phone a very different and unique look. They are very much concerned about the mobile phone accessories along with the different phone services and phone apps.

Earlier the mobile phones were carried by only the adults, but now the minimum age to get and carry a mobile phone is just 8-9 years. These kids are even more enthusiastic about the mobile phone applications, and accessories.

Though there are thousands of mobile phone accessories available in the market nowadays but we have selected a few to enlist in our list. Below is a list of top ten most craziest mobile phone accessories.

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1. Aura sensing phone strap

It is one such phone facility. This accessory is able to sense the user’s aura and then converts it into one of the aura colors. This conversion is entirely dependent on the energy a particular person is omitting. The aura-tama that is offered is packaged into power stones named: rose quarts, crystal or amethyst.

2. Cigarette holder phone

Cigarette holder phone are also available these days. These were manufactured in order to appeal the smokers. Not only it resembles like a pack containing cigarette, but is also capable of holding, the real cigarette at its back. You just need to simply open the battery cover, so as to attract lot of your friends towards your cigarette holder phone. The phone supports a dualband GSM, plays MP3, a VGA camera on the side area, an MP3 player, and has a colored screen too. By paying only $75, you will get a luxurious kit with your phone that contains branded cigarette as well as lighter too.

3. Lingerie phone covers

This is the craziest cell phone accessory I have ever seen. The mobile phone covers in the shape of lingerie are very much in trend these days as everyone want to have and look different. However one needs guts to buy these raunchy cell phone covers.

4. Goggles’ enabling you to have a hot vision

Among several services this is also a service that is provided to the customers at a reasonable price. A virtual 50 inch screen can be seen very easily by means of these goggles and it appears very close to the user’s eye. For all those people who get irritated while watching video on small mobile screen, this service has greatly benefitted them.

5. Cigarette lighter phone services

If you are a chain smoker you will certainly like this service. The name itself is quite appealing and may attract a smoker to buy it. The SB6309 Cigarette Lighter Phone is now available in the market to appeal the smokers. This phone has a lighter button in it under the back cover.

6. Backup pal

It is one of the best phone services available presently. Using the backup pal you can have a back of all the data stored in your cell phone. So if your cell phone is lost or damaged due to any accidents you need not to worry about the data stored in it. You can recover it all using the backup pal.

7. Wind chime for the phones

Almost everyone loves the melodious tune of wind chime and thus the makers have included it with our most used gadget cell phone. This excellent service helps you to enjoy the melodious tone of the wind chime when your phone rings.

8. Blue tooth bracelet

The blue tooth bracelet is available with number of phones which shows the name of the caller and its number on a LED screen. Using this bracelet you can attend know who is calling you even

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if you are not carrying your cell phone with you.

9. Flashing pen service

Flashing cell phone pen is a next excellent service in the list. You can attach this pen with your cell phone and it will blink whenever you get a call. Many different companies are now providing these flashing pens in different designs.

10. Seat belt phone holder

There is a service named seat belt phone holder this is of great advantage when you are driving a car, you can keep the phone in the seat belt holder and can drive comfortably. This service will indeed lessen the possibility of road accidents that happen due to the cell phones.

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