Engineering as it sounds is difficult stream not only till the time one is studying and has to pass the exams but throughout. Constructing any architecture or any other structure is one intricate job that involves detailed planning, engineering knowledge and complete coordination. If one of these is missing it results in unusual

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sometimes disastrous.

So predictably, the engineering team has to be in total co-ordination so as to get the desired results. The larger the projects, more are the chances of miscommunication and eventually, epic fails that sometimes might bring smile on the spectator’s face while sometimes these are sure to leave them wide mouth opened.

Lack of coordination or some kind of miscommunication; whatever be the reason, the fact remains that there

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are lot many times we witness the scenario where people stand gazing at them and wondering. Today, I planned to jot down the amazing epic construction fails that will actually keep you pondering as to why and how these happened and what could be the smart way out.

Throughout the time of collecting these pictures of epic construction fails I kept wondering that not even a single moment while constructing these, the engineering team understood that there was a major blunder. Didn’t anyone ever think during the long, laborious construction period notice?

What about the blueprints of the architecture drawn up before finally starting the construction? Whatever the case may be, wherever the problem was the fact remains that these epic fails are unusually stunning.

These construction fails are not so common but every once in a while when we can come across any such blunder, these don’t fail to draw our attention towards them.

Are these real blunders or made intentionally. And yes, I would like to let you all know that these are by no means photoshopped pictures instead the real epic fails. Don’t forget to let us know as to which is your favorite one that left you totally amazed and wondering.

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