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Sep 29, 2014

House Hunt on-the-go With Housing’s Android App is a real estate portal that allows users to search for properties in eleven major cities of India. These cities include Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chennai, Delhi, Faridabad and Kolkata.

This portal provides detailed search options for property discovery. In addition, it also offers the users all required services to close a sale. These services includes assisting in meetings between buyers and sellers, provisioning property agents wherever required, additional exclusive information on property to expedite selection/rejection, and even helping the buyers with loans for purchasing houses.

To ensure that the information is available everywhere, has introduced its app on the Android platform. This app allows users to look for properties while on the move. This app is not a replica of the website. It has been customized for mobile device users and hence the necessary information can be made available to help a user make a snap decision to at least consider whether to shortlist a property or not.

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Jul 10, 2014
Yogesh Mankani

Great Reasons To Buy The New Apple iPad 3 Tablet

Apple’s iPad 3 Tablet, wow, does it need any description? I am sure no; it is a global gadget and is fast gaining popularity. Since past few months, the iPad 3 has seen numerous fake news and rumors about itself.

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However, it was finally launched in

March. Amazingly, the first week after the launch Apple saw a massive sale of around three million iPads. Since

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each individual has different viewpoints about a product, it was the case with iPad. Mixed reviews came about from the audience and most of them were on a positive front.

All the basic features are there in this version of the iPad and reviews say that the features are excellent when compared to the previous models of iPad. No doubt it is the era of gadgets and new ones are released every next day and each better than the previous one. So is the new iPad 3 Tablet, better than before. People interest in it and even those who do not have any interest are sure to get interested in it. Apple has worked hard on it and looking at it will surely make you want it and that too desperately. Here are some good reasons why you should buy the iPad 3 Tablet.

Dramatic Retina Display

Stunning display on the touch screen of the iPad comes from the new technology employed for it. It is said to have pixels which are higher than a HDTV. The display is of the highest resolution, 2048×1536 pixels and 9.7 inches diagonal display. All this gives you a feel never felt before. For game and movie lovers the new iPad 3 is the best option.

Ensures 4G Network

Wi- Fi is old technology, isn’t it? Today’s generation needs something new. This new thing is what iPad 3 is offering, yes, you are correct and it is 4G connectivity. It provides high-speed internet, video and multimedia from anywhere, 4G LTE network, GSM and 3G. If you get Der findes masser af varianter af Blackjack hos savel online casino Red som Black. all these services in just one device, why not own it.

iSight Web Camera and Recording

It supports hybrid Infra Red filter and filters external light resulting in the desired perfect picture. The camera is 5 Megapixel and had additional features like autofocus support and face detection technology. Also, 1080p fully HD video can be recorded.

Talk, Dictate and Done

Typing is no more a feature of the iPad, just dictate and it is done. The iPad works on command and can easily type text, browse the net and do the navigation for you. This is a special feature of this version. It is one of the best reasons why iPad 3 Tablet must be preferred over other gadgets.

Smart iPad, Smart Cover

The iPad can be protected from scratches, dust and sudden jerks and falls with its new built- in cover. It can be rolled in to a mini stand in emergency and can be unfolded later. Surprisingly, closing the cover takes the iPad automatically to the sleep mode.

The App Store- Wow

This iPad would be of no use if access to the Apple’s App Store was denied. Thankfully, it is not so as you can visit the app store from your iPad 3 and load whatever your heart desires. Now your iPad will be your favorite just like your iPhone as you will own all the special iPad features. The app store boasts of more than 200K applications for the iPad and covers almost all the categories. Some built –in applications are YouTube, Newsstand, Photo Booth, iTunes, Safari and FaceTime.


These are the key reason why one should buy an iPad 3 Tablet. Though the basic features will be available on other Tablet PC versions but some like Retina Display, Smart cover, Dictation etc are just unique to iPad 3.

Aug 12, 2012
Yogesh Mankani

Why Nokia should open up to more OS options than just WP

The past few years, Nokia has been in trouble. It’s market share has gone down and it has been forced to close factories and fire employees. I’m sure you remember when Nokia was the most popular brand around, and you HAD to have a Nokia. Those days are now gone.

Since the smartphone explosion, others, especially Apple and Samsung have climbed up the ranks, pushing Nokia below. And as more users are able to afford fancier, more expensive cellphones, this shift will

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just become faster. In fact, last year saw Samsung beat Nokia to the title of the world’s largest mobile phone maker. So what can Nokia do?

Well, what Nokia has tried to do is to dump its Symbian Operating System in favour of Microsoft’s Windows Phone system. This was expected to be the move that saved Nokia.

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Mar 22, 2012
Yogesh Mankani

Why Small Business Should Consider Using Cloud-based Software


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based software bring some big and considerable advantages for the small business. However all of us use the cloud service in some way or the other. The most common cloud computing services include Facebook, Gmail uploading or storing pictures online. There are numerous cloud computing tools available on internet which helps the small business to run lucratively and smoothly.

One of the major advantages of Cloud based software for small businesses is that it helps the workgroup work together. Some of the major reasons of using the cloud computing in the small business are to save money; Increase productivity and t enhance uptime.

If there is a cloud computing set in the small business the

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office staff can work on their own computers separately to create a perfect presentation in real time. Cloud Computing can be tagged as one of the most innovative uses of present technology however most of the small business owners are still unaware its benefits.

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Dec 6, 2011

Creative X-Ray Photo Artwork That Will Amaze You

Some months back we came up with the article with the header reading ‘10 Funny X-Ray Images To Make You Smile For A While’. Interesting article it was, isn’t it? While some of them were naughty, the others were humorous enough to make you smile for a while. Talk on any topic, there is no dearth of stuff related to it, each promising to leave you flabbergasted.

X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation that helps penetrate solid objects and see the image of the inside of the objects. Talking in medical field, x-rays play a major role in letting doctors know about the exact problem as to what the patient is suffering from thereby treating the patient accordingly.

X-rays not only serve the purpose of helping doctors treat the patients instead can bring a smile on your face too as already mentioned. Creative people around the world contribute a great deal in leaving people flabbergasted.

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Jul 29, 2011

Stunning Money Origami: Bending, Twisting And Folding Money Creatively!

Buying gift for our loved ones is one difficult task for many as some of us get confused while others fall short of time to go to the store and pick some gift for the special occasion. Giving cash in the packet sounds to lame. What could be the smart solution? Money origami!

I mean it can definitely be one smart way to give your friends or family cash itself but in pretty creative way. Money card holders, gift cards, and cheques have become the thing of the past. Why not transform your money into beautiful hand-folded money origami in shape of long stemmed roses,

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sophisticated shirts, doll dresses, caps and much more.

By bending, twisting and folding the money, beautiful crafty money origami can be created; all that is needed is creative bent of mind and an image in mind as to what you want as the end product. The word of caution runs that you need to be really careful while handling the money; you have to create beautiful money origami without tearing it apart.

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May 5, 2011
Yogesh Mankani

Welcome To

All around the globe there are millions and millions of people who keep doing things that leave us amazed. Oddstufflab is the blog started with the aim to acquaint you with people that do strange things and stand apart from the crowd.

Life at times is really weird and sometimes it gets really hard to be normal but what’s the big deal about it. It’s ok to be weird! Isn’t it? Remember the KitKat ad in which two little squirrels leave the person awe-struck? Personally, I loved it. At times, it’s fun to break the monotony and look at the weird happenings.

Oddstufflab is the blog network of WebTabLab that promises unique stuff to make you roll into laughter and at times leave you stunned. With the hope to give you a break from the hectic day’s schedule and bring smile on your face, here we begin the joyride of the weird world!

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