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Aug 29, 2011

8 Hilarious Google+ Parodies To Make You Smile For A While

Introduced just recently, Google+ is a social networking platform that with its amazing new features missing in other existing social networking sites has successfully persuaded the users to make a shift. You all will have to agree with me on the fact the latest buzz from Google has become a great distraction from the existing social networking making them insecure.

Facebook, the most addictive social networking site too started feeling insecure of the Google+. There are lot many funny images and videos floating over the net that show how Facebook got hit by Google+. Facebook might have been the first in its class to score a movie, but it won’t be the last if Google+ has anything to say about it.

There was ‘The Twit Network,’ all about Twitter, the creatively named ‘YouTube Movie’ and who could forget ‘The Social Network.  When the movie ‘The Social Network’ documented Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to infamy on the Internet was out in theatres last year, people got inspired and started uploading dozens of parody flicks on YouTube.

Okay, coming to Goolge+ ! Tell me frankly, are you all loving it? Or you’re the one who still is confused whether to join in? If you fall in the category of the latter camp, then we have a treat for you.

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Aug 19, 2011

20+ Hilarious YouTube Videos That Promise A Good Dose Of Laughter

In today’s busy life how many of you actually get time for recreation, something that makes you smile for a while? Sometimes, it feels like we are living in the robotic world where everything is based on performance and in the quest to meet the deadlines and to beat the cut throat competition; we almost forget to live our life the way we want.

Sometimes life is so busy, that we don’t have time for ourselves. I believe, whichever is you field of work, we all deserve at least some time for ourselves and our families.

For all those of you who keep surfing net the whole day, we at OddStuffLab make efforts to keep you all engaged with unique, cool, out-of-the-box stuff that promise to bring smile on your face at one time while on the other hand leave you awe-stuck.

No matter how weird or wacky you find the articles posted on the blog but the fact remains, that checking them out is a refreshing break that brings smile on your face thereby breathing life into the monotonous day’s schedule. Correct me if I am wrong.

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