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Sep 29, 2014

House Hunt on-the-go With Housing’s Android App is a real estate portal that allows users to search for properties in eleven major cities of India. These cities include Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chennai, Delhi, Faridabad and Kolkata.

This portal provides detailed search options for property discovery. In addition, it also offers the users all required services to close a sale. These services includes assisting in meetings between buyers and sellers, provisioning property agents wherever required, additional exclusive information on property to expedite selection/rejection, and even helping the buyers with loans for purchasing houses.

To ensure that the information is available everywhere, has introduced its app on the Android platform. This app allows users to look for properties while on the move. This app is not a replica of the website. It has been customized for mobile device users and hence the necessary information can be made available to help a user make a snap decision to at least consider whether to shortlist a property or not.

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Mar 18, 2012

Secretive Facts About Plants That We Human Beings Probably Didn’t Know About

No matter how stern you are in accepting the fact that each one of us has one or more secrets which not even our best friends knows about, we all have one or the other secret which probably none knows about.

Well, you have the whole right to disagree with me but I guess if you introspect you will agree with me! Not only human beings but other species like plant too have some secrets that no one knows about.

Animals I guess you won’t argue about but surely you would be surprised if I tell you that plants do some secretive things when no one is around. Wondering what it is; something in particular or different plants do different secretive things? To get the answers to these questions, sit back and scroll down.

Trust me you will be flabbergasted and if somebody watches you while reading the article, he/she too would be dazed to see you reading wide-mouth opened.

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Mar 18, 2012

10 Most Amazing Underwater Travel Destinations

The world, I tell you is full of beautiful places that leave us astound. Lots of amazing travel destinations around the world seem to magnetize each one of us to pay the visit once in a while. Oodles of people throughout their lives keep dreaming about traveling around the world. Frankly, I am one of them!

Talking about the underwater travel destinations around the globe, each one gets ready to sit up and read about them no matter how busy we


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with the deadlines or the targets. We actually take out time and spare few moments if we have that attraction and interest about the underwater travel destinations.

Underwater world is full of beautiful creatures including sharks, whales, seals, crabs and much more. Water covers up 70% of our beautiful planet. Even if you’re not good at swimming, you would wish to travel the places that are genuinely worth it.

So, what’s the wait for? Here, we have listed down 10 of the world’s most amazing travel destinations that are actually worth a visit. So, if you have been preparing the list of places you wish to visit, here are few more to worth adding. Take a look at these underwater travel destinations and decide for yourself!

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Dec 6, 2011

Creative X-Ray Photo Artwork That Will Amaze You

Some months back we came up with the article with the header reading ‘10 Funny X-Ray Images To Make You Smile For A While’. Interesting article it was, isn’t it? While some of them were naughty, the others were humorous enough to make you smile for a while. Talk on any topic, there is no dearth of stuff related to it, each promising to leave you flabbergasted.

X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation that helps penetrate solid objects and see the image of the inside of the objects. Talking in medical field, x-rays play a major role in letting doctors know about the exact problem as to what the patient is suffering from thereby treating the patient accordingly.

X-rays not only serve the purpose of helping doctors treat the patients instead can bring a smile on your face too as already mentioned. Creative people around the world contribute a great deal in leaving people flabbergasted.

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Dec 5, 2011

Ingenious Minds Honored With 2011 Ig Nobel Awards For Their Strange Scientific Achievements

With the sole aim to celebrate the unusual, admire the imaginative and spur people’s interest in science, medicine and technology in fun way, each year Ig Nobel Prizes are given to honor the achievements of people who with their sheer talent make people first laugh and then make them think!

The Ig Nobel Awards come with little cash more cachet to honor the people behind research projects that make people laugh and think. Keeping the trend of rewarding such ingenious minds, the Ig Nobel awards 2011 were given just recently.

If you all know Ig Nobel awards are given out in ten fields for strange scientific achievements but with a twist, only those were considered that were satirical and promise to leave people smiling and wondering. From medicine to physics, literature, psychology and similar the prizes were given for different categories.

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Dec 2, 2011

Top 10 Goalies With Creepy Masks To Scare The Hell Out Of You

Sports is one category that receives applauds from people all around the world as each one of us has passion for one or the other kind of sport. For all those who are keen passionate lovers of hockey surely keep themselves updated with latest matches, favorite players, their personal lives, performances and much more.

Not only the sports fans are keenly interested in latest matches and cancel all to sit in front of television sets to make sure they don’t miss even a single moment. Also, they are interested in reading about their favorite sportsperson, their likes and dislikes.

All you hockey fans out there, below is the showcase of some of the best hockey players

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along with the masks that made them stand apart from the crowd besides their sportsmanship. If you all know just recently, 52nd anniversary of one of the most iconic artifacts in professional sports-the hockey goalie mask was celebrated.

It was the 1st of November, 1959 when in a game against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, legendary Montreal Canadiens netminder Jacques Plante became the first goalie in the NHL to wear a mask that entirely covered his face.

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Dec 1, 2011

Ridiculously Humorous Business Names You Probably Didn’t Know About

Brand name, we all know is one key factor that plays major role in success of any business. Easy to understand, giving the clear hint of products or services a particular business offers are the traits of good brand name. In short, the business names that fit a particular criteria contribute a great deal in success of particular business.

From Sony to Toshiba, Google, Ford and others there are innumerable brand names that have already make the mark and continue to keep up the trend of rolling out new products and services every now and then.

How are these easily memorable? Well, for the products/services these offer and ease of understanding what a particular brand is renowned for.

A business name that is memorable in some way or the other, it becomes easy for the consumers to remember and recognize it, which could be infectious but the names that are hard to remember and difficult to understand or even hard to spell are a major drawbacks that could directly affect the sales of any business.

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Nov 30, 2011

Shocking Images That Are Worth A Thousand Words

Every now and then some natural calamity or man-made disaster has resulted into the devastating effects. From Bhopal Gas tragedy to WTC attack, Tsunami and Haiti, lot many tragic incidents have actually shook the world so did the images taken at or after the incidents.

It is said that pictures speak for themselves! A picture taken at the right moment is worth a thousand words. Capturing images is an art and it’s not the talent that everyone has. One needs to be perfect enough to capture the right picture at the right moment.

Any picture may be worth a hundred words, but only a few rare ones are worth thousand words. Telling a story in itself, pinned below are images that are worth applauding and deserve a standing ovation.

It’s been years since these tragic incidents have occurred but the power of photography is still alive.

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Nov 29, 2011

15+ Most Awfully Painful Methods Of Execution

Each time you tune into any news channel, you surely get amazed to see the increasing crime rate; no matter at what level it is. The crime is not something that’s new, since the time immemorial, different type of crimes and other punishable offenses have crop up.

The guilty of crime have been punished on being proved though the ways of punishments have changed with time. Execution of a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offense is known as capital punishment or death penalty.

For capital offenses and crimes like murder, sexual crimes such as rape, adultery, incest and sodomy, carry the death penalty, drug trafficking, corruption, cowardice, desertion, insubordination, and mutiny are also capital offenses. Hold your breath, here you are about to witness some of the horrifying executions till date.

We have listed down some of the hideous torture methods throughout history. Some of the methods are so dreadful and agonizingly painful that their images can give you goose bumps.

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Nov 28, 2011

Top 10 Mysterious Ghost Ships That Will Leave You Wondering

The very name ‘Ghost Ship’ makes us recall the horror film released in 2002. Starring Gabriel Byrne and Julianna Margulies the film revolves around an Italian luxury ocean liner that mysteriously vanished in 1962 and, 40 years later it was rediscovered by a commercial salvage ship as it drifted aimlessly in the chilly Bering Sea.

Well, not talking much in length about the movie that actually gave us all the goosebumps. Coming back to the track, Ghost ships or phantom ships that make up a big part of the seafaring lore have generated lot of interest in lot many people.

Looking at the historical ships is quite frightening and appear mysterious leaving the spectators wondering as to what might have happened to the crew members and the passenger. Drowned, disappeared in mysterious conditions and found after decades, these ships are actually horrifying.

A ghost ship is a supposedly haunted or ghostly vessel found adrift with their

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entire crew either missing or dead. If you are the one who has curiosity of reading about such Ghost Ships, then scroll down as we have listed below ten most famous ghost ships that continue to provoke speculation and mystery leaving the spectators horrified and amazed.

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