Luxury watches have a niche market of their own. For men who have a special taste for newest style statements of the fashion world watches are one of the most important accessories of grooming oneself up to present a fashionable, refined appearance. With passing times the trends in the fashion world change so that a style of yesterday becomes a passé to-day and is scrupulously eschewed by the fashion-conscious people.

Along with designer collections of men’s apparel and other accessories of style, watches have also come to play a vital role in defining masculinity and elegance. Also, these designer watches make great gift items and anyone will be very proud to receive such expensive and stylish gifts.

The year 2012 is already almost halfway and it is high time that we take a stock of the current trends in luxury watches and time pieces. And it will not be an easy task, mind you, to pick the right choice from a host of fantastic brands like U-Boat, Zenith, Bremont, IWC etc.

So, here is a list of the trend-setting watches for 2012 :

Tag Heuer watches

They are one of the finest qualities of luxury watches and one of the most popular and respected brands. They have some very stunning collections like Monaco, Aquaracer, Carrera and Formula 1. Watches from Tag Heuer reflect the dedication of the Swiss manufacturer for creating highly precision watches.

IWC watches

These watches are also from Switzerland , so it will appear that Swiss watches have cornered the glory of making some finest watches this year. They have different segments of collection to cater to all types of tastes like the Pilot Collection (aviation-style watches) or the Aquatimer Collection (giving a nautical feel).

U-Boat watches

Designed for the Italian navy during World War II these watches have unique look which make them highly popular time pieces. One of the most popular U-Boat collections is Classico.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches

Boasting of stunning designs along with high precision Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are definitely quality materials. The Master Compressor and the Reverso collections are masterpieces from this stable.

Baume and Mercier watches

Having been in the business for more than 150 years Baume and Mercier watches are well respected and sought after in this business. They have got some very elegant and breath-taking watch collections like the Hampton Classic.

Graham watches

In the oversized watch face segment Graham watches are the perfect choice. Started by a British George Graham in the 18th century they have transformed phenomenally over the years and are now one of the stand-out watches in the market. One of their premium collections is the Chronofighter oversize collection.

BRM watches

The French watchmaker come out with some very unusual and quirky luxury watches. So, if you are one who revel in sporting an extraordinary and freaky luxury watch these are your takes. Also, BRM watches produce only a certain number of watches every year ; so, don’t delay.

Bell and Ross watches

Though they are relatively new in watch manufacturing they have already come out with some striking and unique time pieces. The watches are designed by aerospace engineers. One of their most beautiful and elegant collections is the BR 02 Instrument watches.

Bremont watches

The brainchild of two British watchmakers, Nick and Giles English, these watches are famous for their intricacy and superb quality. These are crafted from the finest Swiss components making them one of the most sought-after luxury watches.

Ilya Elbet writes for a boston jeweler named Alex and Company.

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